I have to click the refresh button to make e-mails appear


I always have to click the refresh button to make e-mails appear. Does this client work this way or is it possible to make e-mails appear without having to click the refresh button?


As far as I know, that’s not possible yet.

Edit later:
It appears that I was wrong. It’s possible.

eM Client forces a sync of the Inbox on start, and after that waits for the server to push messages. We also ask it on a schedule for new messages.

If the server is not pushing new messages in real-time, it is not offering new messages on schedule, or if hitting Refresh is not working, it will be because of a server error. Typically it means the server says it supports IDLE IMAP (real-time push), but it really doesn’t, and it just ignores the NOOP command when we ask it for new messages on schedule.

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Interesting. In Outlook there’s a setting: “Schedule an Automatic Send/Receive every … minutes”.
But Outlook is perhaps less intelligent… :wink:

I’m using POP3 and emails don’t appear automatically. I have to push [F5] or the refresh button, too.

No, POP3 doesn’t use PUSH or IDLE IMAP. That is for IMAP only.

POP3 only receives messages on the schedule set in Menu > Settings > General > General > Synchronization. Do you have that option ticked?

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Thanks very much!!! :smiley:
Synchronization was set at 10 minutes. I’ve changed it into 1 minute now.