i have to be overlooking something... keyboard shortcut for close?

when i have an email open that i dont want to send to trash, or one of the other default shortcuts, and i simply want to close that email and keep it in my inbox… how do i do that with a quick keyboard shortcut? by default, windows see’s CTRL+W as a ‘close window’ shortcut, which works in 99% of applications… but not in em client. 

I think the Windows default for closing a window is Alt+F4.

alt-f4 is to close/shut down an application (by default)… and ironically, that does work… i just assumed it would shut down the entire program. thats curious… are individually opened emails treated as separate app spaces?

nevermind… i just checked. they ARE. wow. separate cpu/mem usage for each that is open. 

No, Alt+F4 is close window, the same as clicking the X on that window. You will find that in most browsers Ctrl+W means close tab, and office apps generally it means close document. In both instances it will not close the window.

Anyway, that is the shortcut.