I have problems with keyboard keys in eM Client. The Pound Sterling key doesn't work and the @ and " keys are transposed. . Any advice??

I love the platform, but I have problems with my keyboard keys in eM Client. I am in UK and the Pound Sterling key doesn’t work, while the @ and " keys are transposed. . Any advice on a fix??

That’s nothing to do with EmClient, but all to do with the default language/keyboard settings you’ve got defined at system level. (and I’m in the UK and everything works!)

Thanks Richard - the problem is that EmClient is the only programme where this happens.  On all others the keyboard is perfect, so perhaps not a system problem.  Regards, Neil

It may still be; my youngest had a similar problem with XBox Live Companion - everything else worked as expected; in UK English, UK keyboard, etc - except for this.

It was displaying currencies in dollars whereas everything else was in sterling. Turned out to be a single setting where US was defined - took some finding and I can’t remember exactly where it was. It showed up as an insistence that I purchase in dollars where he had sufficient funds in place. Everyhing else worked in sterling. It might therefore still be worth hunting through the region/language/keyboard options to see if there’s a single occurence of US language.

If I can remember or find it’s location, I’ll update this.

Try ‘Region’ under ‘Time & Language’ - I think that’s where I found it … the wording under the setting says “Windows and apps MIGHT use …” - the operative word being ‘might’! - and check the ‘preferred languages’ under the ‘Language’ option. (and the options under the English(UK) setting itself)

Many thanks, Richard.  That seems to have cracked it.  I really appreciate your suggestions.