I have problem sending email. Please help'

I have problem sending email. I came here and see some answer saying I should uncheck the ‘server require authentication’ box, which I’ve done it, but still I couldn’t send email to anyone. What should I do


  1. Has it ever worked in the past or are you a new user?
  2. Did you auto-create your email account(s) or manually crate them?
  3. Have you tried testing the send and receive features independently?

Hi Tak,

Other questions:

  * which version of eM Client are you using?

  * which e-mail service are you using?

  * do you have problems with all your e-mail accounts, or with a specific e-mail account?

I understand that you are able to receive e-mails?

Hi Tak, are you still having issues with this, can you please answer some of the questions stated above? What version of eM Client are you currently using? What mail service are you using in the application? How did you setup the account, have you used the automatic setup?
Is the application showing you any error messages when you try to send email?

Thank you,

I’m a new user, just downloaded about a week ago, so must be the latest version.
I am using it with gmail account.
I used the automatic set up.
I have no problem receiving email, just couldn’t send emails out.

Thank you.

Hi again,
please go to Tools > Accounts > Your gmail account > SMTP, and check the option “Server requires authentication”.

Hope this helps,

Hi Tak,

Did the web page mentioned in the error message give any solution?