I have got a messsage to upgrade and did the upgrade . Now Ican work only offline and not send a message

I got a popup My emclinet has no licensens I can only work offline and no synchronisation and sending email is getting off After get a licensen every thing should be ok

Do you have a license?

no because i have and need  only one account

Same problem for me. Want to use the free version, but get the message that I have no license.

This came up after the upgrade I made today (the license problem)

Found a workaround: Go to emclient.com -> Pricing options -> Get free license. Put the actiovation code in emclient -> Help -> License.

Please note, eM client requires using a license, after downloading and installing the application, eM Client runs in a demo/trial mode for 30 days. If you want to continue to use the application, you need to obtain a valid license.

If you’re a commercial/business user, based on the Terms of Use of the Free license, you’re required to obtain a valid PRO license in order to use the application.

Hope this helps,

It was not that obvious that I had to get a free license to continue to use the program. The popup text could be improved. Adding a link in the popup would be nice.

One issue remains after the upgrade: I have 2 mail accounts that I use. Under “account” I can test that both are working just fine and the test mail that is sent is ok. The problem is that on account the operation log says “An error occurred” and a lot of text ending with “Incremental update was not possible; please fully resync.” Some of the text is in Swedish and perhaps not translated 100 % correctly back to your version.
How to “fully resync”?

ok I understand but this is not so indicated on your website
In stead of free liense it it better a trial license

Thank you, Paul. Could you please tell me how to get a license for the free version?

Not quite sure what you’re referring to Magnus, if you’re experiencing any issues please make a screenshot of the error or copy the content of the log when it occurs and submit it to us here on the forum for more information about this issue.