I have endless prompting for password whenever I open my mails


 Everytime I open my Mail Box I have a message asking for my password. This started about a week ago. Can you help me get rid of it please ?

If you check save password, does it still ask you the next time?

Yes it does for me as well 

There were a few comments like this recently. Can either of you think if there was something that changed that it started prompting you for a password?

If your account is setup as IMAP, and you cannot resolve the password prompt, I would suggest that you remove the account from eM Client, then add it again.

Thank you, I will try this, and let you know.

We have 2 computors, mine is on POP3, and I’m ok, and my husband is on IMAP, can this make a difference?

Mia, it can make a difference depending on how the account is setup in eM Client. POP3 will always need a username/password pair to login to your server. IMAP can also be the same, but if the account is setup as OAuth, then it will never require a username or password.

If you are using Gmail setup as POP3, (or IMAP without OAuth) and you have disabled Less Secure Apps in your online Google settings, you will always be prompted for a password, but you will also never be able to connect unless you allow Less Secure Apps.