I have a problem setting up an email rule that can prevent that I recieve my wifes emails!

I have a problem setting up an email rule that can prevent that I recieve my wifes emails. We share the same email account, but wirh different aliases. We have different computers. My wife has Windows Live Mail, where it is possible to set up a rule so she doesn’t get my emails. This rule specifies, that all mail to my address should not be recieved from the server. I have tried to make a rule in eM Client, that all mails to my wife should be deleted, but it proved to be a really bad rule since now my wifes emails gets deleted before she recieves them. Does anybody have an idea how to solve this problem?

The setup in WLM is most likely POP3 and configured not to delete messages after they have been downloaded from the server. Then she will also have filter to delete any of those downloaded messages that are not addressed to her.

Your account in eM Client was setup as IMAP, which simply gives you a synced cache of what is on the server. If you delete something, you are really just deleting it from the server.

But you can also setup eM Client to connect using POP3 in this same way. Please see the Help File (F1) on how to setup an account manually and follow the instructions for setting up as POP3. Or [click here](https://www.emclient.com/webdocumentation/en/7.0/eMClient/Default.htm#Accounts/Create%20New%20Account.htm%3FTocPath%3DAccounts| _____ 2 “Link httpswwwemclientcomwebdocumentationen70eMClientDefaulthtmAccountsCreate20New20Accounthtm3FTocPath3DAccounts7C_____2”).

Once your account is setup, go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on the POP3 tab.

Here you can change how messages are left on the server.

You want to tick the box to leave a copy on the server, but clear the other two. That way any new messages will be available for your wife as well.