I have a Icloud email address and keep getting this SMTP error message

check the SMTP setting / go to menu and accounts and diagnostics and on the SMTP server.  YOu may have the wrong SMTP settings

Hi there 


as you can see smtp as required for Icloud 2 step verification done , all emails remain in outbox?

Can it be that i am busy downloading all messges for offline use - and the server is not getting a opportunuty to send out my current emails?

I tried sending from my iphone to my icloud email address on emclient on my laptop - also nothing coming through

I get this all the time with IMAP connections, as EM Client starts and occasionally later while it is running. All messages eventually received OK, so no problems with settings, it happens with all my email addresses, both GMAIL and other, so settings OK.
Bit annoying, but may be a different problem.and doesn’t cause problems in the long run.

cool , it fixed itself, weird , next morning   messages in outbox eventually went through