I give up...

Ok, I give up. Random account errors, one account forever syncing, emails getting lost…blah blah blah.  All while WLM continues to work flawlessly on the exact same accounts with the exact same settings. Too bad…I really wanted to like this software and invested a lot of time in it.

Someone let me know when they release something that works, or at least decide to offer support to people that are considering buying their product.

Hello Calan,
FREE users support is provided through this community forum and can take a bit more time, especially with the release of version 7 when we had to make our PRO users a priority for a while and were less active here.
Your issues have been addressed though, we just needed more information.

If you need a faster service, I’d suggest buying the PRO licenses first which would grant you an access to PRO support where our support engineers would be with you much faster and would help you resolve your issues.
If you were still unhappy, we have a 30-day money back guarantee, so you would not lose money giving it a try.