I give up on eMClient

This is the third time I have installed version 8.x.x and tried to get it to work but alas it STILL WILL NOT CONNECT to my email server. Version 7.2.40748.0 connected. Version 8.0.2703 would not connect. Version 8.0.3385.0 would not connect and now version 8.1.876 will not connect. I followed George Wilson’s instructions for command line install hoping that I could install to a location of MY choice so that I could keep version 7.2.40748.0 in case version 8.x.x didn’t work again but even THAT didn’t work. It installed right over version 7.x.x.x WIPING IT OUT. Sorry folks, but eMClient just has too many problems. Outlook 2007 connects. Thunderbird connects. What is the problem that your version 8.x.x won’t connect?? And… the explanation given as to why the user does not have a choice of install location JUST DOESN’T HOLD WATER. It shows great arrogance on your part(as if you know what we want and are going to give it to us whether we like it or not). So…goodbye eMClient… I had high hopes for you.

Did you disable your anti-virus/firewall applications and try again?

Did you provide the errors from your Operations > Log?

You cannot install two different version of eM Client at the same time. That is not possible. And with Windows 10 applications, very, very few will give you a choice of where to install them. But that has nothing to do with why the application did not connect.

Please, rather than just ranting, give questions, and support that with logs or screen-shots, and someone here will be able to help you get connected again.

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Nothing I said was intended as a rant. That was your interpretation. I was my comments borne out of frustration.

Yes, I disabled firewall & anti-malware every time I installed version 8.x.

The only errors in the logs states: 2:50:10 PM [email protected] [IMAP] MailClient.Accounts.ConnectionException: Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host…
which tells ME nothing.

The settings used are identical to those in Outlook 2007 & Thunderbird(which as stated both connect) concerning incoming & outgoing servers & ports.

As for your comments about installation, I am a computer professional with over 40 years experience(since before pcs were born). I have over 50 applications installed on my desktop and every one
of them(except eMClient) gave me the choice of installation location. And of some of them, I even installed 2 different versions in 2 different locations. So I maintain my opinion that your
policy(?) concerning installation location, etc. shows great arrogance. Take it as a rant if you like, but eMClient has required far too much time & effort.

One final thought… why do you suppose it is that version 7.x connects perfectly well but 3 different versions of 8.x will not?

You’re the computer professional with over 40 years experience, why don’t you tell us?

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No need to get nasty, Gary

@BatBytes Which Mail server are you using, and what type of Mail account setup in EMC do you have eg: IMAP/ Exchange etc and what are your Incoming Mail Account Settings in EMC.

From reading around the internet on that error “Unable to read data from the transport connection” that can be caused by a few reasons. Some of them below.

1). Firewall optional programs however you advised you disabled that.
2). Incorrect (Security Policy) SSL/TLS settings if its an IMAP account
3). VPN’s running where the Mail Client cannot always connect to the Mail server IP Address


incoming – imap.comcast.net port 993
outgoing – smtp.comcast.net port 465
I tried all the SSL/TLS including “Don’t use secure connection”
I’m not using a VPN either
When I run the “Diagnose” under Accounts/Diagnostics SMTP checks OK but IMAP fails “Server not responding”. When I click the Fix button it says “Fixing failed” and the logs gives the error cited above: 2:50:10 PM [email protected] [IMAP] MailClient.Accounts.ConnectionException: Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host…

Here’s an interesting development… out of curiosity I booted into safe mode to see what eMClient would do and lo and behold it connected and receives emails. Now what do you suppose could be the difference between 7.x and 8.x that would keep it from connecting normally but work in safe mode? Unfortunately I am not willing to boot safe mode just to be able to use eMClient. Unless someone can tell me how to fix this problem it’s back to Thunderbird and/or Outlook 2007. I like eMClient and had high hopes for it but alas…

I hope I can help. I am also have been using computers for almost 40 years. I have been doing computer support for 38. I use Comcast as well. The problem is with Comcast and not emclient. I had issues setting it up also. I don’t use imap. I use pop3 but this should help. For the smtp server I use port 587 and use force SSL/TLS. I use port 995 for incoming but I use the legacy setting for SSL/TLS on special port. Since you know your way around computers I don’t need to provide screen shots unless you really need them. Believe me it took me a while to get this to work. I have a web site for my business and the settings are more lenient than Comcast. I would change the settings and like I did to see if it works. I hope that helps.

This is caused by the AV software. You did not disable it as asked.


Charlie6 – If you are going to comment then please DO bother to read ALL the posts. As I previously stated: Yes, I disabled firewall & anti-malware every time I installed version 8.x.

Thanks, scooterg, for the first truly helpful comments. I will certainly try this when time permits.

@BatBytes As EMC works fine when you booted in Safe Mode (so you appear to have the right EMC settings), its definitely a startup or background program issue that’s interfering with EMC. There was alot of new features and bug fixes with the between V7, 8 / 8.1.x but nothing in EMC that would cause those errors you were getting. Its a program installed outside of EMC that’s either interfering with it or not allowing it to access. Start by disabling all background programs on startup to test.

The default Win 10 (Windows Security) program does not interfere so its something other than that.


Thanks. I’m not sure I’m willing to spend that much time & effort on it when I can just use Outlook or Thunderbird.

The point is not to disable it when installing the application, but to disable it before running the application if there is some connection issue. This is a common issue especially with third-party anti-virus applications like Avast. Completely disabling the anti-virus or firewall application means that eM Client will have unrestricted access to the Internet and you can test it. Often users will only partly disable Avast, and that will not work. But maybe @Charlie6 did not include everything. Maybe it is your firewall.

Obviously when you started in Safe mode and it worked, that means there is something that is running in normal mode that is blocking eM Client from accessing the Internet as @cyberzork says. This is troubleshooting 101, but I think that the problem is you have elevated yourself to such a height that you cannot see the ground anymore.


Maybe that is the best option.

lunes 14 diciembre 2020 :: 1241hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @BatBytes

I’ve been watching the posts on this thread with amused interest and agree with a lot of the posts, particularly those of @gary & @cyberzork and am also amazed at the level of patience shown by many of those trying to help you. As you have 40 years experience using computers I am surprised that you were not able to install eMC in the location of your choice, I don’t have your number of years experience with computers, however, was easily able to install eMC on E:/ with nothing related to it on C:/. eMC works perfectly for me, both IMAP & POP3 with no glitches. Your original needs with regard to installation seem to have morphed into other areas of discontent.
Perhaps my many and varied levels and types of experience gained in a relatively few years were more beneficial to me than your accumulation of years of computer use that were apparently not able to help your situation. Maybe it would have been more relevant to say that you have 1 years experience and 39 years doing the same thing - only you will know the answer to that.

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


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