I forgot the password to my PGP Private key. Is there any way to recover it?

Obviously the whole point of encrypting things is to keep them secret and safe, so I would hope recovering the password isn’t exactly easy, but after looking around quite a bit I’m starting to wonder if it’s possible at all. Any help I can get, either telling me what to do or confirming 100% that it’s not possible, would be appreciated.

It is not possible. All you can do is create a new key pair and send out or publish that public key ASAP. It wont decrypt previous messages sent to you, so those will be lost unless you have them resent with the new public key.

If you have published your public key to a key server, you can use the revocation certificate (if the key was generated outside of em client) to remove it from the server.

Awesome, thanks so much for the reply.