I don't want to upgrade to V8

I’m perfectly happy with eM Client v7.2.3 and don’t want to migrate to version 8. How do I stop the constant notifications a new version is available. Is it obligatory in order to continuing using the software I have to upgrade? My wife is using Version 8 and the interface is horrible. Why am I being harrased to update if I dont want to? It works for me, I know were everything is. PLEASE STOP asking me to upgrade.

@Kenneth_Ness For the free version it appears you cannot, but you can for the pro version.

See answer from EM Client support below -

Disable notifications that a new version of the program is being downloaded? - License problems - eM Client

Olivia_Rust - EM Client Support

Oct '20

Unfortunately, it is not possible to disable the automatic update pop up with a Free license.

Pro license users can set their preferred version via our License manager or reach out to Pro support to arrange it.

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I’m a pro user and I still can’t disable fucking automatic update! emclient being a greedy now. Ill happy to find a new email client!

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@Alitreboy As you are a Pro user, have you “Set your preferred version via the License manager” or reach out to Pro support to arrange it as per EMC Support message above in this thread ?

Please refrain from that kind of language. It is not appreciated by our volunteers who give their time freely to help others.

And please don’t duplicate your posts.

@cyberzork has given you the solution, and I replied in your other post with a screenshot of the setting you need to change.

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The nice people at eM client have fixed it so I don’t need to upgrade from the last update of version 7.
I’m a happy bunny now.
Perhaps one day, but not soon. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!



Yes, I am fully with you; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Unless of course the update addresses some essential security issue, or has some new features you need. In general though, if everything is fine with what you have, no need to update. And that is most likely the case with Ash as well. The user is happy with version 7 so there is no need, but the reminders are frustrating.

I am very happy that eM Client made that arrangement for you. Hopefully Ash will configure the License Manager, and all will be peaceful again. :grin:

I also would appreciate it very much if EC Mail would fix it for me so that I did not get continual update nags. I am very happy with version 7, its not too big.

If you have a Pro Business license, you can disable updates through the License Manager. Unfortunately that option isn’t otherwise available.

I realise that, but in a previous post Kenneth_Ness said that the nice people at eM client had fixed it so that he did not need to upgrade. I was hoping that they may do the same for me.