I don't understand this program at all

After many years of ease using Outlook Express my enforced migration to Win7 has forced me to look elsewhere for an email client.

There are so many aspects of this program that I don’t understand that I hardly know where to start. To concentrate on the most recent problem, I’ve just written a letter but nowhere is there a copy - in either of my ‘Sent’ folders. Perhaps it had something to do with the dialogue box which sprang up asking me to legitamise my free version of the program, not for the first time.

I curse the day Win7 was invented causing me to find alternative programs. (Whoever heard of the need to have TWO inboxes, TWO sent boxes and no doubt TWO of everything else as well with their contents changing every time I check?)

Even sending this query I have to sign in to post it? Why? Surely the fact that I’m able to use it must render my letter legitimate?

Ye Gods!


Dave Crew

Hi Dave,
I’m afraid you’ll have to be more specific about the issue you’re having.
If you’re having trouble with setting up the application, please tell me what exactly do you not understand, I’ll be happy to help.

eM Client is an email communication application that includes features such as calendars, tasks, etc., just as any other email application it allows you to setup multiple accounts, when users have multiple accounts they sometimes want to use “smart folders” which allow them to view all their email (e.g. incoming mail) in a single folder, without the need to switch between the different folders.
However you’re not obligated to use this feature and you can turn on off most of the features, you might not want to use.

Hope this helps,

Hi Dave,

Of course if a person has 2 (or more) e-mail addresses, he will need to have 2 (or more) inboxes, sent folders, et cetera.

Luckily eM Client can give you a combined overview of multiple e-mail accounts, using the ‘smart folders’ in eM Client.

I think Outlook Express is too simple and outdated … I’m sure that once you’ve spent some time with eM Client, that you will understand it better and will appreciate it’s capabilities (I know I do, having migrated from Outlook Express to Outlook to Thunderbird to eM Client).

Feel free to let us know other issues you have with eM Client, there are people here willing to help.

Hiya Hans

‘Too Simple’? I like simple. Simple is uncomplicated, straightforward, reliable, not a lot to go wrong. Simple is efficient with very little time being spent on it. I have better things to do than trawl through complication and to misunderstand the minutia of each and every tick box with the added complication of retracing my steps when a mistake occurs (and due to the complexity there are many).

Outlook Express was always just ‘there’ - ready to use, no instructions necessary. Certainly it didn’t do anything other than gather emails but I didn’t want it to. There’s plenty of other programs available to satisfy my other needs.

Thanks for replying though. 

Hiya Paul

I’m afraid that’s just the point. I don’t want a program which includes calendars, tasks and multiple accounts. Neither do I want it to check my pulse, scan my eyes for glaucoma or read my fortune. I want a program that stores the letters I send in the ‘Sent’ folder (just one of 'em) and the letters I receive in the ‘Inbox’ (again just the one).

I’d also prefer it if what emails were there on one occasion were also there on another. As it is I have some emails in one of the folders while the rest are in its twin, both for outward and inward.

When I first bought my computer I didn’t realise I was signing up for a self-taught PhD or a Masters Degree course in Computer Science. I want to USE the computer, not to forever LEARN how to use it.

Picture the scene - “'Ere Bill, we’re down to our last 5bn better get another version ready - call it Win103 and just for good measure we’ll introduce trojans to infect all previous versions; that’ll make 'em pay up. 'ow about making it as difficult as hell to use as well, just for a laugh?”

Thanks for taking the time to reply though.

Hi, thank you for the constructive criticism, still not sure what exactly are you having issues with, but if you comment on what you find too complicated or hidden or what are you trying to setup, I’ll be happy to assist.
However I’m not completely sure how to help you with simplifying the application as we believe eM Client is one of the most simple to use applications on the market.

Thank you,

Hiya Paul

I hope you didn’t take my critique too seriously; it was meant to be tongue in cheek but the underlying comments are still accurate.

Regarding the simplicity of use - anything is easy when you know how; it’s the unnecessary complexity with all of the additional, in my view unnecessary aspects of the program which make it a headache.

Perhaps you could read my reply to Hans’ posting regarding simplicity.

Hi again, I appreciate your thoughts, I’d be happy to help you, however from your posts I can not reconstruct a single issue that I could help you with. You have mentioned some general thoughts about simplicity and computers being too complicated, you’ve also mentioned something about emails not moving into your sent folder, if you’d like to pick up on this issue, I’ll be happy to help you resolve it.

Try to download this latest release of the application, maybe that’ll improve some of the features you might have issues with:

Thank you,

Hi Dave,

Computers can do so many things, that yes, I can surely believe that it is overwhelming.

If you’re really looking for a simple e-mail program which supports just 1 e-mail account, then maybe you should try to use a web-based e-mail program. (Although I think web-based e-mail is slow and not convenient to use).

eM Client doesn’t have to be the right program in your case.

There are people who want a simple program and there are people who want a program with a lot of functions (as you can read here in the forum) …

Sometimes a program is too simple, which forces you to spend extra time using other programs. And yes, the more simple, the less can go wrong … but also maybe the less can be done/realized … and if a person wants to do a lot in as short a time as possible, then yes, maybe a program needs to offer more functions …

The same counts for doctors: maybe a doctor should only learn how to put a plaster on a wound … it’s simple, uncomplicated, doesn’t take much time and not much can go wrong … but would that be helpful for most people who are sick or got an accident?

I’m sorry, but if you want to be able to use a computer efficiently, you will have to learn how to use it and the programs which are interesting for you. I do happen to have a masters degree in computer science, I’m already using computers for almost 30 years, and there are still so many programs and options in programs I would like to learn to be able to get better results (and hopefully in less time) and with more pleasure in using those programs.

Take it easy … don’t forget that a computer in combination with software is one of the most advanced machines to use … it’s much more complicated than a TV, radio or car for example. Possibilities of a computer are ‘endless’…

Hiya Paul

Without wanting to sound ingratiating or patronising I think you’ve shown a great deal more tenacity than I would’ve had if the tables been reversed. Having said that, I do feel I’m trying to drive a combine harvester when all I really want is a wheelbarrow. I think I summed up my sentiments in the first line, second paragraph of my initial query “There are so many aspects of this program that I don’t understand that I hardly know where to start.

When working I was a senior lecturer in a technical college teaching composing, design and science so I think I have the qualities and capabilities to persevere had I so wished but my interests just don’t lay in that direction. I can put my mind to anything I think is justified but to go through what’s needed to merely send and receive a letter is, in my view ridiculous; others may disagree but I’d like to devote what mental qualities I have to something far more important and interesting like video/audio editing, website building - these have an end result, but to write and read a letter? I don’t think so; the hard work involved just isn’t worth it.

I’m fed up with this continual ‘learning’ I just wanna USE it.

We appreciate your feedback, if you could point out to some features that you were having issues with or you find hard to navigate through, we’ll be happy to consider improving these options. We’re glad you’ve made the time to provide valuable feedback.
I understand your preferences in an application may differ, but if you ever need help with setting up our application or help finding out ways on how to use the client, I’m here, happy to help.

Best regards,