I don't believe this company is serious!

I wish I didn’t have to say that. I’ve used and purchased tons of software. I say this because I really wanted this application to work for me.

But so far I’ve been struggling with it for over a week and have only managed to get the contacts working. Somewhat the notes but can’t get them to sync to anything.

I even placed a support ticket on the 24th but have not heard a word yet. Sorry to say this but in my opinion this application seems to be riddled with bugs. Doesn’t sync for me, doesn’t work with reminders.

I’ve tried every which way to get this thing going. Ran out of time.


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Pro Support is for Pro License users only. If you do not have a Pro License, you will not get a reply.

I demonstrated and gave you instructions on how to sync your Notes with an Exchange server like Outlook.com, but you really do not understand. Maybe it is a language thing, maybe something else. Notes sync just fine. .

I showed you how to sync your Tasks in eM Client with iCloud Reminders. It works just fine.

Hey Gary, I’m happy for you that everything works. I do not have a language problem. Do you.

You are helpful but you are also an arrogant human being.

I would not buy a PRO license if I doin not thing there program works. Of course sorry, it works for you but you are special.

Maybe I’m not special. haha

Ran out of time as I have a real job.

I can use the app for gmail and contacts. But for me the other stuff simply DOES NOT WORK!!

So layoff brother.


It is sentences like this that made me wonder if there is a language barrier, because what you have written makes no sense. None at all.

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From me:

Ten points for Gary :grinning:

Null points for you, johncesta. :upside_down_face: Can you really judge that?

I also have a real job… and everything seems to be syncing for me for gmail, outlook.com, and Office 365.

Sorry that it doesn’t seem to work for you. I might suggest uninstalling the software, ensure it is deleted from your AppData folders, and then do a clean reinstall to see if that clears it up.

Try version 7 instead. It’s the previous version but right now I think it’s a far better (and probably the only sane) choice than v8, considering just how many bugs v8 still has.

can I install it in conjunction with version 8 or will my version 8 data be overwritten?

I never go for points. I’m happy with the points I have in life.

Schildern Sie doch einfach einmal Ihr Problem Punkt für Punkt. Ich habe das Programm gerade neu im Einsatz und wechsle gerade von Thunderbird, weil eben die Synchronisation mit Google sehr gut funktioniert und zwar

  • Mail
  • Kontakte
  • Tasks.
    Nur die Notizen (Keep) scheinen nicht zu synchronisieren. Hier habe ich bereits eine Anfrage an den Support gerichtet.
    Die Notizen werden zur Zeit in der Version 8 unter “lokale Ordner” gespeichert.
    Ich glaube, mit ein wenig gutem Willen und Verständnis für ein neu eingesetztes Tool, lässt sich vieles vernünftig organisieren.