I do not see a tab for IMAP settings, only POP3

I do not want to use POP3 for my email account because I’ll have missing emails in my sent folder across different devices. I’d instead like to use my IMAP configuration settings, but do not see a tab for this under Menu > Tools > Accounts. I only have the option of POP3 and SMTP. How do I enter my config settings for IMAP and abandon POP3?

Who is your mail provider ?

email is through inmotion hosting

This was the most helpful resource I could find, but the instructions are specifically made for Thunderbird: http://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/email/change-pop3-account-to-imap-or-imap-to-pop3

The problem, of course, is that I do not see similar configuration options in eM Client. If I am unable to configure eM Client for IMAP, I guess I could just switch to using Thunderbird instead.

You can’t change an account to IMAP, you must create a new account that uses the IMAP protocol.  This is why you don’t see an IMAP tab.

Go to menu/tools/accounts and click on the “+” to start the new account wizard.

But also check that your email service (yahoo,gmail etc)  is also set to Imap otherwise emclient may have trouble using it.

My email provider is Comcast.  Comcast wants me to switch to imap.  I added a new account using eM’s Automatic Setup, but no imap tab is shown.

Moreover, Comcast says if I want to continue using POP, then I need to change the port from 110 to 995.  I did this, but got error messages that my email account could not connect to the server.  When I applied eM’s “fix”, it reverted back to 110.

If you change the POP3 port to 995 , you need to change the security policy to Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy).

You can setup the IMAP account manually though. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts , and add a new account. Instead of using the Automatic Setup , choose Mail > Other.

After entering your email address you can enter the server details. Make sure IMAP is selected, then follow through the wizard using the details provided by comcast.net.

If after the setup has completed, there is a connection error, check that you have the correct port and security policies.

Port 587 = Force usage of SSL/TLS

Port 993 = Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

Once the setup is complete and the account is working satisfactorily, you can move the messages from your POP3 folders to the IMAP folders, then deleted the POP3 account from eM Client.

Thanks, how do I “move my POP3 folders to the IMAP folders”?

If the folder is a sub-folder of Inbox, right-click on the folder and choose Move Folder. Then select the destination, which would be the IMAP account Inbox. To move the messages in the Inbox, select them all then right-click and choose Move to folder. Don’t forget the Sent folder.

A good tip is to make a backup (Menu > File > Backup) before you do this, just in case.