I created a modified dark theme.

Modified Dark theme with more black, alternating rows, and orange highlights.  


Paul-- Great theme!!!  The only thing I might change is the text in the orange highlights to black?

Even so, WAY better than the stock dark theme!


Thanks.  I tried both, but I liked the white better.  I updated the calendar and contact cards as well. 

What’s the text key in the xml file?

Here is one with black text.  I was not able to find the grey icons to change yet. 


Keys were 


Thanks so much.

Let me know if you find the icon colors in the Main Form Grid Header. 

Thanks for this theme Paul.

Paul this is awesome! Can you make one in a nice blue instead of orange, or create one similar to the themes in the mailspring app?

Its really well done, how can I get to use it??

After you have downloaded the theme file, open eM Client and go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Appearance > Themes and click on the Import button. 

The new theme will be listed at the bottom of the list, so highlight it and click OK.

No matter which dark theme I choose, my message windows are still white! I thought in version 7.2, this was supposed to be taken care of using the default dark theme? I even tried Paul’s - same thing.

“Full dark color scheme (even the message body is now dark)”

I saw this feature mentioned in the Release History, but as far as I know the message background is controlled by the HTML formatting and cannot be changed by the application theme. Wonder what they meant by that?

What I have figured out in trying to make the mail pane a dark mode style is that there is a check box in Settings | Mail | Preferred Style that if you select “Use Color Specified” then all plain text and _ some _   HTML emails will display in a dark mode style, but not all.  I’ve tried around with view all mail in plain text, but that completely screws up most HTML email to make it almost unreadable for me.

If anybody figures out how to make this work with HTML (or a way to create a simple HTML view similar to what Thunderbird has) I’d truly appreciate it - I’m out of ideas.

That is useful, thanks Michael.

Would be interesting to compare the HTML of those that do allow the dark background and those that don’t. I suspect that some messages have HTML the specifies the background to be white, and so it cannot be changed by the application.

I agree but I am not a programmer - I know just enough to screw it all up… -_-