I can't update the account settings without eMClient crashing

eMClient has been great for me. But today it randomly stopped recognizing my gmail account. I tried to send an email, and it has completely disappeared from the app. I tried to change my settings, but everytime I modify anything in the account settings, eM crashes and I have to force quit to stop the program. I like eM but if it’s not working properly I will have to switch.

For GMail, the easiest solution may be to remove the account from eM Client, then add it again. 

To do that, first make a backup using Menu > File > Backup, then go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and remove the GMail account. Then add it again by clicking on the + icon. Use the automatic setup and see if there is any difference.

I tried that but I still get the error message and now even my old gmail messeges are gone. This is so frustrating, I might just have to put up with web based email since this is clearly not working for me.

eM Client does not just delete messages on it’s own, so the messages may still be there on the server. Open the web interface and check.

What is the error message Kim?

I uninstalled and downloaded it again, My gmail appeared initially, but today I got this message again. I don’t know why it suddenly stopped working when I’ve been using it no problem for so long. I am really frustrated. I know the problem is not my connection because I am online and my school emails are coming through no problem.

Maybe try disabling your anti-virus application and see if there is any difference.