I can't send mail.

My receiving mail is fine. My connections are perfect after diagnosis. I just can’t send mail after having sent a couple of similar items to friends. Could it have something to do with spam filtering?

Hi, do you have an issue with all the emails or are some of them sending fine?
Spam filter (at least from your server) is only applied for received emails.

What mail service are you using?

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Hi Paul, Thanks for your reply. I’m having the problem with all my mails. I’m using Vodamail with no secure settings for my SMTP and POP. I do, however, get a message from my free AVG antivirus “How to scan for encrypted connections”. I can not find the Tools menu of my AVG to access to do this.

Hi. I’m not sure if your antivirus has anything to do with this, the access to scan eM may only make things more difficult, can you please make a screenshot of your current SMTP settings for the account in Tools > Accounts > Your account > SMTP tab.

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