I can't see the Outbox folder.

I have Inbox, Drafts, Sent and Trash but no Outbox. How do I view the Outbox folder? Thanks.

It’s often replaced by Drafts folder and there’s not separate Outbox folder. I believe this way it way implemented in eM Client.

I guess the way it’s implemented depends on a particular email client. I’ve never seen Outbox in eM Client while it’s constantly present in e.g. The Bat and Outlook.

outbox can be found in local folders, or as sent under your email accounts.


Sorry. I have the same problem.  I have an email that is too big for Gmail to send.  I keep getting an error telling me this.  I used to have Outbox as a smart folder where I could go to find this type of issue and delete it.  The Outbox folder has disappeared, and the file is in neither Sent nor Drafts.  How do I access Outbox to clear this?

Hi Derek,
you probably just have the Outbox folder hidden.
Right click the smart folders and click Display>Outbox.


I have the same problem. I clicked on show folder Outbox and Sent but NOTHING HAPPENED!!

Hello Anna,
are you clicking on the Smart folders?
Also, the pane for Smart folders and your Accounts folders are separate. You might have to pull the accounts pane down to view more of the Smart folders.