i can't save event in calendar

every new event i’m trying to save in my calendar erases itself immediately… ??

Same is happening to me - just started in the last few days

This has been happening to me for ages. Sometimes it saves, more often not.

If an event is saved to a calendar and immediately disappears, as in the original question of this thread, that is most likely because it is an Internet Calendar and read-only.

If it sometimes saves, sometimes not, are you always choosing the same calendar? If you are, when it does not save, go to Menu > Tools > Operations and look for an error in the Log tab.

Thanks. It doesn’t actually disappear, it never gets created. When I click on save, it greys out and doesn’t let me save. Will look at the log tab when it next happens.

What version of eM Client are you using Claudia? (Menu > Help > About)


Also, check that you are saving to the correct calendar. If you have more than one, and you mistakenly try to save it to a read-only calendar, it will not work. Unfortunately it does not notify you; just deletes the event!!

Thx, Gary, checked that. The odd thing is that it’s an intermittent problem. I thought it could be coinciding with sync to Google calendar, but I only sync every 20 min.