I can't remove an unwanted contact's address

One of my contacts has a changed email address. When I start typing the name in the ‘To’ field for a new email, both old and new addresses appear, and I have to select the correct one. Only the new one is visible in the list of contacts. The old one is not present when I try to edit the contact’s information, only the new one. If I inadvertently select the old one, the email bounces, as it is no longer valid. How can I delete the old address?

The other one will be in the Recipients History.

The easiest way to remove it is to start typing the name in the TO field, and when the incorrect one is offered, click the X to the right of the address. Or edit the Recipients History, which you can find in Menu > Settings > Mail > Compose > Recipeits History, and delete it there.

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Many thanks, Gary. I hadn’t spotted the X at the right-hand end of the address field. Problem solved.