I can't find the option to manually set up an exchange account

My company email has, what I assume to be, an odd domain and server. I have never been able to use the automatic set up for any email client. EM Client is no different. Unfortunately, I can not figure out, or find how to manually enter the server, domain, etc. It asks for email address and password, then tries to automatically connect. This option will not work because, again, my server and domain are unique. Is there a way to completely manually set up an account. If not, I will need to find a different product.

Hi Steven,
for exchange you should be able to input your own domain, if it’s not found automatically, but that unfortunately is not possible for the server.

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I could not even find how to manually input the domain. I’m not sure if that alone will help me setup my account.

Steven, I believe that you can write the domain in the form of DOMAIN\USERNAME in the username field when doing “new account” and clicking “exchange” under the mail tab.
However, I also need to be able to choose server. We seem to be in the same situation, and I haven’t been able to find a solution for that yet.

Hi Jonah,
unfortunately it is not possible to input your exchange server manually if it is not recognized by eM Client as valid.
You can test if your server should be recognized here > https://testconnectivity.microsoft.com/ or see what to change about it to make it accessible through eM Client.

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