I can't download new message

since 18.4 (I’m back from holliday) I’m not able to receive new messages, I tried to make the tests IMAP and SMTP and every test is ok, I checked a server and there are all messages. Then I tried to remove folder 507b00f0-959f-4b6a-a635-60fdeb4dd506, so I can receive new messages but not the old and this is problem for me. Do you happen to know wher could be a problem ?

You could try and remove the account from eM Client, then add it again. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and remove the account. This is a better way than removing the folder from the database.

Ok, I tried it but the behavior is the same like removing the folder from the database. Any another idea ? 

You can try disabling your anti-virus and firewall and try again.

Yes, you’re right, the problem was in Kaspersky. Thank you