I can't create facebook chat account :(

I have added jabber account, gmail… but i get 500 error when trying add a facebook chat account. I have working facebook chat on the same computer with Psi, so…
Anybody has any idea?

How exactly did you create the FB account? Are you logged into the account in a browser?

to clearify: i am using chrome browser and i am logged in to facebbok, now i open emclient and open account dialog to add new account. I am adding new chat account: facebook.
(tools>accounts>new account>chat>facebook) after that a window is openning, a while after i got info about 500 error. i checked i can create the rest of chat accounts: e.g. jabber i added. I must add tthat i got Psi jabber client in which a i have facebook chat running.

I checked now and it works!
After 2 days, now i have it running… strange, i didn’t change, instal or something on my netbook but noiw it is running, i think maybe it is on facebook side… as i understand 500 error…

Does not matter who caused this - it is important that it works :wink:

Same problem for me. Cannot connect with facebook. Whole day error 500 :frowning: Tested from 3 computers (diferent networks)

Can you please post here a screenshot of the error message? Thank you.

If you want to make it work immediately, setup an Facebook account - It should help.

After two days, its start working. I think the problem was on facebook side.

I don’t even see the facebook button under new chat accounts…

Hello Joshua, sorry about the inconvenience, unfortunately eM Client can no longer support the facebook chat feature as facebook has decided to shut down support for this service.
The feature has been removed from the application in the latest update as it will be no longer possible to setup the account in 3rd party applications.

Facebook chat is currently only supported for use with native facebook applications, e.g. messenger app.