I can't configure eM Client to use Sky's emails service.

I can’t configure eM Client to use Sky’s emails service. I keep getting a popup saying ‘Server says Unauthorised’ which also includes my login details.

I make sure these are correct but this makes no difference. Checking Sky’s emails setting they seem a little different but even changing them to these fresh settings makes no difference.

Under ‘Diagnostics’ both IMAP and SMTP show ‘Unknown’

I check all four of the options for Enable daignostics logs and click ‘Diagnose’ which then show ‘Testing’ but eventually both show ‘Server not respoonding’ so I click ‘Fix’ on both and eventually both show ‘Settings have been fixed’. I click ‘OK’.

But trying ‘Diagnostics’ again they both show ‘Unknown’ again.

Checking if anyone else has a similar problem I see someone has written:

If the pop-ups are just annoying and the emails are otherwise received and sent with no problem, you can turn off the notifications by going to menu/tools/settings/general and uncheck the “show window when error occurs” in the operations window section

To which they reply:
Now it has stopped receiving/sending and still says unautherised

to which someone suggests:
I suggest you contact Yahoo to make sure server settings are correct

I’ve tried everything, have asked many times in the past but either get a suggestion which doesn’t work or get no replies at all.

I’ve checked the history to see if anyone has a similar problem and they have - ME

Any chance of a resolution?