I cant access to the latest version with lifetime upgrade from version 7

I have a pro license for version 7.2. After purchasing a lifetime upgrade, I still can’t use version 9 online. Could you please help?

Are you having problems installing the V9 update, or have you installed it and get an error message. Can we get a bit more information.

Hi. I can install v.9 successfully, but it asks for license renewal to work online.

It is because your version 7 license license is for 2 devices, but you only purchased 1 upgrade.

Your license will need to be manually split and a new one issued to you for 1 device only. We will do that during business hours today, and send you an email with instructions on using the new license when that is done.

Hi Gary, Thank you very much!

Dear all, it works great now. Thank you for your super-fast support!