I cannot add my work google account

When I try to add my google account the custom authentication that my work uses (Okta) shows up but after filling in my username and password and clicking next nothing happens.

Same here


first I want to apologize if it isn’t always good english, but am a German.

Have you activited the IMAP funktion of Gmail? So that eM Client pick up the mails.
If not you must go to settings and than to forwanding IMAP/POP3 and make a cross by “activate IMAP” or by “activite POP3” if you want to use this transmission.

Hope I could help you with this, if this isn’t your problem write back.


Can you please check your Google account security settings for “allow less secure apps” and make sure it’s set to “ON”? If that doesn’t help, please remove eM Client from the list of allowed apps and re-create your Gmail account in eM Client. When you get prompted again for allowing access to your account, click on Allow. eM Client should now authenticate without problems.