I can receive emails, but not recieive

I can receive emails but cannot send.  When I try to send I get a message saying that I need to setup an account.  Also, I’m being prompted to provide my account name and password and it doesn’t seem to correctly connect to the account.  I know the account and password are correct because I can connect via webmail client which is annoying.

Hello Chris, if you’re suggested to setup an account when sending you most likely do not have an SMTP service setup, navigate to your account settings and check if there’s an SMTP tab present, if not. The service is not available thus you won’t be able to submit any messages unless you create one.

If the automatic setup is unable to detect your SMTP settings, use the manual setup in “New account”, instead of using the automatic setup, switch to the Mail tab below and select ‘Other’ and use your server’s recommended server settings to setup the account.