I can not install eM Client. I get the error codes 2502 and 2503 on every attempt!

I can not install eM Client. I get the error codes 2502 and 2503. I have tried various common work arounds for this problem but it continues to stop the installation every time. I am in Windows 10 Pro Creator Edition. Any one have any suggestions or something that worked for them. Does anyone know if there is maybe an .exe file installer?  Thanks

This is exactly the same i get; i deleted the complete previous emclient installation, but it makes no difference, installation fails with these two messagess, first 2503 en then 2502 message. And i try to install version 8.2 of course, the present version. Any suggestions what to do to be be able to install EMclient?

Appears those two errors on installation appear to be related to “Permission problems” with the temp folder or possibly optional Antivirus programs interfering. See this Microsoft link / info below -

Note:- If you are not confident in trying / doing the below, then consult a PC Technician.


Method 1:

Run the troubleshooter for installing programs and see if that helps. Refer the article Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed

Method 2:

Take ownership of installer folder from the root directory and see if that helps.

  1. Press Windows + E to open File Explorer
  2. On the left hand pane click on This PC and open the drive on which Windows is installed
  3. Now click on View and click on Options on the right hand corner
  4. Select the View tab and look for Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)
  5. Uncheck the box and Yes
  6. Now click on Apply and OK
  7. Now double-click on Windows Folder and look for Installer folder
  8. Right click on the folder and click on Properties at the bottom of the context menu.
  9. Click the Security tab, and click on Advanced. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
  10. Click on Change beside owner.
  11. Type Everyone, click on Check Names and click on OK.
  12. Click on Add.
  13. Click on Select a Principal
  14. Type Everyone, click on Check Names and click on OK.
  15. Click on Full Control
  16. Click on OK
  17. Now, click on Apply and then click OK.

If you have any third party antivirus program installed, then try uninstalling the Antivirus software and see if the installation goes through. Refer the section Uninstall or remove apps and programs from the article Repair or remove programs in Windows 10

In addition, you may also want to try installing the program using the default administrator account on Windows. Kindly follow the steps mentioned below to enable default administrator account.

  1. Press Windows + S key together to open Search.
  2. Now type CMD and select Run as administrator.
  3. Accept the UAC prompts.
  4. Type in the following commands one by one and hit Enter: net user administrator /active:yes

Also see this link to make sure you have full administrator access rights to the temp folder for installation. Fix Error 2503 2502 In Windows 10 While Installing Software - oTechWorld

Lastly make sure your login is an administrator account in Windows on not a limited user login, and also suggest to clear out all the old (Hidden) “User data temp files install folder” in Windows eg:-C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Temp . There will be some open temp files you cannot delete in there, but that’s normal.

Note:- You can also access your hidden user temp folder a quick way (without enabling hidden files) via the “Windows Search” magnifying glass icon bottom left, & type in %temp% in the search field.

Thx for your response, i executed all the above, but the problem is still there. I use EMclient on 3 computers, 2 of them upgraded seamlessly to 8.2, 1 one ot them (my main computer) has the problem described, The advise you described changes things that are on the other computers as well and not causing any issue. So i think it has to do with something else. If you have any other suggestion please let me know. In addition; all 3 computers have Windows 10, are completely uptodate concerning software and have enough hardware, especially the maine one (with the problem) is quite uptostandard looking at the hardware. Alle 3 machines are configured the same and i use them all.

On 2 of the computers i use the same AV program (Eset) and on one of them i use Bitdefender. I did not test the installation without the AV being active, but looking at the other computer having the same there is no installattion issue.