I can not change the default font in the new email window. I've tried all the setting changes. Any ideas?

I can not change the default font in the new email window. I have tried all the setting changes but it never changes in the new email window. Any ideas?

Hello Tim, you should be able to adjust your default font using the application settings under Tools > Settings > Mail > Compose.

Hope this helps.

Thanks  but I’ve done that and it says that it has changed but this what always shows in the new email window (minus the text).

Hello Tim, thank you for the screenshot, however I’m not really sure what are your current application settings, but based on the look on the screenshot it seems like you’re using a template for your replies or new messages, if you’re using Templates you have to setup the default font for the Template in Tools > Settings > Mail > Templates and Signatures.

Good morning. Yes I do use a template and it still doesn’t change no matter what I do. I have deleted all the templates, added new and redone the old ones and still no change. The screenshot is the new mail font even though the template setting is different. Thanks.

Hello Tim, sorry for the belated reply, can you please make a screenshot of your Template settings and submit it to us here on the forum?