I am unable to send or receive emails. Help please....

Cannot receive incoming mails on EMclient, which is my main account. 
My other 2 accounts are working fine.

Do you mean you have three accounts setup in eM Client and only two are working?

If that is the case, and you have a Free License, only two will work.

Further to this the error message is ‘unexpected end of stream’ and another one below saying temporary server availability or incorrect settings. 
I have altered nothing but was working fine yesterday

No, I have one account with emclient, 1 with my work and one with a portuguese comapny.

my work and the ptgse one are working ok but I use emclient for almost all my mails

eM Client do not provide email accounts. Unless of course you work for them.

I have just had an email through from my other account.  Followed a minute later by another when I was testing…so maybe it has righted itself?

Yes, seems to be receiving now OK…thanks.

thanks…seems to be working again now.