I am unable to delete old emails in my "SENT FOLDER"

I am unable to delete old emails in my “SENT FOLDER”

What’s the error message you get ?

No error message, they just can’t be deleted or sent to any other folder. It is only on my wife’s account that this is happening. There is an error message that the box is full despite nothing in the In Box, Trash, Archived or Drafts. Her Sent Box is full of the same message still attempting to send it throughout the day.

Go into the mailbox account online via a browser and see if you can delete the email there.

If you can delete the email online then (if its an eg: IMAP / Exchange account), remove the account from eM Client and re-add it again which should normally fix it.

If you cannot remove / delete the email online either, then contact your ISP technical support.

Also check your mailbox quota / size online to make sure the actual mailbox overall is not full.

Thanks Cyberzork, clearing it out at my email account allowed me to clear it out at eM Client.