I am trying to register a free version, but cannot finish it

See title

If you go to https://emclient.com/free-license and enter your details. Read and then tick that you have read the terms of use and then click on Get Free License. The activation code will be displayed on the page, as well as a copy being sent to the email address you gave.

In eM Client, go to Menu > Help > License, click on Activate and paste in the activation code.

Please note that you can only register one Free License per email address, and you can only use that license on one computer. Also, you cannot activate a Pro or Free License on Windows XP due to an outdated security protocol…

What do you do if you upgrade to a new computer? Does that mean you cannot use the free version?

You can use the Free License, just deactivate it on the old computer before migrating. You can do that in Menu > Help > License, then click on the deactivate button.

When you are all setup on the new computer, use Menu > Help > License, click on activate and paste in your activation key.

How to get the activation key

If you don’t already have one, for Free Licenses go to https://emclient.com/free-license. For Pro Licenses go to https://emclient.com/purchase-em-client.

If you do have one, but have lost the activation key, you can have it resent to you at https://emclient.com/lost-activation-key