I am so pissed right now!!!

I am so pissed right now. I was told my emails were safe…I had to reinstall my windows and lost everything, including all the emails from the EMClient Pro staff.No one seems to care about all the garbage I have been going through for the last 2 months… I have lost a ears worth of important emails that have a my passcodes and software registration info in them


Install mailstorehome free (www.mailstorehome.com) and see if you can retrieve them directly off your mail server. If you need help write me at CPurvis1 at my gmail account. .

Hello Scott, I’m unfortunately not quite sure what you’re suggesting. Have you reinstalled your computer, if you were using local data, system reinstall usually clears all your local data, before reinstalling you should make a safe backup of your data using the built-in backup tool or make sure the data are properly synchronised with your mail server and available on your IMAP server by logging in to the webmail.

If you’re using local data only, it’s always important to keep a backup of your data.