I am not able to activate my free license. Help!

I have been unable to activate the free license for several days because eMClient is unable to contact the license server. How can I fix it? The program does not download any email and I am blocked. Although I have the activation code I can’t unlock the software. Do you have any solution? Otherwise I am forced to uninstall it and install another mail client. Thanks

miércoles 11 noviembre 2020 :: 1216hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Unoqualunque

As you say that you have been ‘blocked’ in the Free version this will probably be because you have been or are attempting to use eMC for commercial purposes or you have more than 2 accounts.
If this is the case all will be resolved if you purchase a Pro license.

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No, my friend. I have used free license and no more than one account…

And anyway it does not communicate with the server for the activation of the free license. If you would connect it would know that it is not a PRO version.

For whatever reason, the license sever may be offline. Maybe that is the issue. You would have to contact eM Client directly to verify the problem, but as a Free License user you do not actually have access to the company, so what to do? Hopefully they discover the issue and fix it, but it should not go on for days.

Sometimes @Russel_Markosky will comment here and look into it for you, but that is not guaranteed. :wink:

It could also be caused by your firewall or VPN blocking access to the server. If you use either of those, disable them then try again. Even once you have activated the license, eM Client will periodically need to contact the license server, so you may want to look at configuring those applications to allow the domain, if that is the problem.

Even restarting your router could solve the issue.

If your license has been revoked, you will receive an email from eM Client staff informing you of what they suspect, and what to do about it if it is in error. You will also get a self-explanatory error in eM Client if you try to activate the revoked license.

If you have more than 2 accounts configured on a Free License, you will still be able to use two of them as normal. Just any extras will be disabled. The activation code will still work.

Hello Unoqualunque,

Usually, the problem when connecting to the licensing server (Error: unable to contact the licensing server) is linked to the Antivirus SW that blocks the background connection between eM Client and the server. Please try deactivating the antivirus SW and retry activating.

If it’s not the issue and you’re experiencing an error saying that your “FREE license is violating the terms of use”, then please send the license key to markosky@emclient.com and I’ll check it in our licensing system.

Thank you,