I am new with this email client

I am new to this email client, so need a bit of help advice setting it all up

I was happy with livemail, but MS in their wisdom aren’t supporting it any more, I am hoping this will be as good as livemail was

Okay, I need anyone to go through the basics, please, setting up to send a receive mail is a start, I can move on when I get that sorted

I know this is going to be very different from Livemail but I am hoping it will be as easy to use

okay, anyone want to make a start helping me to set this up ?

A few of us have moved over to eM Client

If your email is @hotmail, @live, @outlook, @msm, read the info at the following link


Let us know if you need the IMAP settings

Hi john, I need all the help I can get, this is no where as easy as livemail was to set up

I cant really understand MS ditching livemail, (cost I suppose)

I have set up address, password, no storage folders have come across though, no new mail in my inbox,(not even a notification for this email)

IMAP settings, what are these ?

I think it would be best to treat me as an idiot child and walk me through everything (all I do is click on livemail or a link, it works, that is what I want, easy, simple, it does what it says its supposed to do

Did you read the documentation I provided in the above link?

I did, clear as mud, never understood a word of it

With livemail it just set its self up, all I had to do was enter a address and password, took and hour or so to download the folders and emails, never had any problems since I installed it al those years ago

to me this isn’t going to be so easy setting it up, there is a lot I just don’t understand

I suggest that you seek some local assistance from someone who understands email basics

like who ? I don’t know anyone that knows about stuff like this

As I asked, can someone just give me a step by step walk though

I have set it up, but that is it, entered my email address and password, now its just sitting there, no mail has been downloaded, but there is over 1000 unread emails somewhere (they have all been read on livemail) so I have no idea what these are

Is there any real support for this email client or is it just community based ?

Is there any professional support ?

a number I can call ?

You get personal support when you purchase eM Client.  However, most are able to get user based support for the free to use version by using the community forums here when they run into trouble.  

For setup, you might want to start here: 

You will need to do this on your own by reading and following the instructions (same if any of us had the time to instruct you), or find someone, as John A suggested, to help you - a family member or friend who understands email setup better.

If the official eM Client site above seems overwhelming for you, try this one (not sure how good it is but it appears to be very simple to follow):

If I was competent to do this and understood what I was doing and understood what I was reading, I wouldn’t have needed to come here and ask

if I knew someone that could help I would have asked them, but the answer to all of them I would have had it all done by now, I am no where as computer savvy as everyone else here, when I got my laptop it was all set up, all I had to do was change the password and it was up and running

Even with all updates, I just click yes, the same with antivirus, I have never had a virus or malware, no extra tool bars, this laptop came with a basic windows 7 starter, this may not be anything major to anyone here, but to me its a major headache and I know if I do it wrong, its buggered

I don’t have anyone that is computer savvy, my wife has trouble using her phone, so no point asking her

It looks like I will just blow this out and go online and read emails

Anyway, thanks for all the replies and advice, even though I had no idea what everyone was on about

I think that doing your email using a browser (“on-line”, as you say) is the best option in your case. 

It is very difficult to help you on a forum like this when you don’t understand basics.  The only way you can really progress your issue is to get one-on-one assistance locally on your own computer or pay a tech to set it up.

In think its going to be my only option, but I can always use my ipod to read and reply to emails

It is only when I travel abroad I have problems, as I use what ever wifi I can find and MS blocks my emails because the ISP is different from my usual one at home (and MS wont/cant reply to anything I send them about my travelling abroad)

If I knew a tech to set it all up I am prepared to do that (but not online, I wouldn’t let anyone have access to it like that)

You should be able to use email in your browser on any internet connection, even free WiFi. 

However you need to be careful using free Wi-Fi.  See the video on this link

(Ignore the bit about “VPN”)

Browser-based email is reasonably safe because it uses “https”

This thread is heading off-topic, so we should leave the discussion there.

I do use a VPN, because my IP has blocked some websites I use (torrent websites) and when I do online banking when abroad

Great.  You should be OK then.