I am missing Outlook Synonym, Smart lookup

Glad to have killed Outlook. I only need to open the SOB once a week or so. EMC is SO much faster and better.

But, I am missing the Synonym and the (stupid, yet useful) Smart Lookup feature. A lot.

I personally don’t see that integration with Microsoft Office is in eM Client’s future.

But there have been some requests, especially from other language users, to have better support for language tools, so you never know. :slight_smile:

Hardly the point. What is nce is a web search and synonyms.

The point is that those functions are provided my MS Office, are they not? eM Client is not part of that suite.

Dude. Seriously. Those are essential features to me that would be simple to add.

It might not be that simple with eM Client’s 20+ languages. I seem to remember that it took a long time to get the interface translations co-ordinated for those, so I don’t see a project like this happening overnight.