I am inundated with junk mail from a ".buzz" account/domain.

I am inundated with junk mail from a “.buzz” account/domain. This is an example of a sending address kRNLjLz@helogyttelleialinker .buzz. Note the only thing common to all the emails I receive have .buzz at the end. I believe some emails are SPAM, some maybe phishing, but all are selling something. My question is how to create a rule in eM that will send these to the Junk folder? I have created Black List rules with every form I know how, *@*.buzz, *.buzz, .buzz and others but they keep coming into my inbox and I have to manually trash them. Anyone have an idea?

The blacklist option to Move to Junk > Move to Junk and Blacklist domain should work.

If not, you can try the following Rule:

When entering the words found in the header type  From: .buzz

I have used the Black List with every form of .buzz I can come up with *@*.buzz, *.buzz, .buzz, buzz and I think a few more.  I have_ _blacklisted 100’s of full .buzz email addresses and they continue to come into my inbox.  I also added the rule as you proposed, From: .buzz, and still no success illuminating the garbage emails. Thanks for the suggestions but they just didn’t do the trick. I will be more than happy to try any other suggestions.

Then the address does not actually end in .buzz.

Right-click in the header section of the email. That is where From To addresses are. Choose View Mail Header

Scroll down till you find the area with these headers:

Date: xxxx
From: xxxx
To: xxxx

What is the address in the From: header. 

BTW, you can’t use wildcards in the address. So “@*.buzz, *.buzz” will not work anyway.

I was using wildcards in an attempt and hoping to find the right combination that would send the garbage mail out. I did the view Mail Header and all I see is .buzz  I added the picture of the mail header information from a new email I just received and was hoping you would see something I am not seeing or recognizing as a domain name.  I very much appreciate your help.

You are absolutely correct.

Can you upgrade to the latest version that was released yesterday (available in the Release History) and see if that changes anything.

I did install the new version but still receiving .buzz emails.  I Google search the .buzz domain and it looks like it is sold by the bucket fulls. Having a .buzz allows the owner to create unique emails addresses to be used. I wonder if other clients like Outlook are able to block them?   

eM Client should be able to block anything if it is added to the Blacklist Rule, or using the header option I gave above. 

There are two instances where the Rule will not apply; if the message is already in another folder when it is downloaded from the server or if the message was read or marked as read on another device. Rules only apply automatically to new messages as they arrive in the Inbox.

What happens if you apply the Rule manually? (Right-click on the folder, choose Apply Rule, etc.)

I had already tried going in and applying each rule (Black List and other made rules) to each folder I had, to see if it would eliminate the .buzz in the inbox and other folders where I had already trashed the emails. I then went in and emptied the Trash and Junk Mail folders. I will go look but I feel sure I have no .buzz emails saved in any folders.

Hi Denniss,

A couple more suggestions:

You have to start with the email provider and set up initial filtering.
Looks  like their filter isn’t much good…by itself…

Read the following articles:

Notice .buzz is at the top of the list? and how  many domains it covers?
and how many bad domains?

An other solution might be MailWasher
Both - Free and Pro -  are Firetrust products

To use - Set eMC to start off-line, so it doesn’t download the mail
before you’re finished pre-checking your mail with MailWasher.

You can only try - not sure how good MW is with .buzz domains…
At least you’re not downloading that trash…


Thanks Peter, I will try doing these suggestions tomorrow and let you know what happens.

I don’t recommend the MailWasher option, unless you have lots of time to spend on it. It is basically the same as first logging in to your web interface, deleting unwanted messages and then opening eM Client. And it is absolutely useless if you are using IMAP and your email client is open all day because that takes MailWasher out of the loop. 

Besides, in the time from when you close MailWasher and open eM Client, (yes eM Client takes a while to start) a whole bunch more .buzz emails will have arrived. 

Better to get the spam filter working on your email provider, or in eM Client. The whole point of these two options is that you don’t need to manually check your messages with something like MailWasher.

Good news. I did go into my provider’s webmail and added a spam rule, the same ones you suggested to add to eM, to remove .buzz emails and it seems it worked. When I checked my eM Client email this morning I had 0 .buzz mail. I then went into my webmail account and my Spam folder had multiple .buzz emails. I had no idea that my webmail had an effect on the emails coming to my eM.

I want to thank you for helping me clean up my mailbox! Junk/Spam mail is almost as aggravating as Telemarketers/Scam phone calls. Now if we could only add rules for the phone.

Thanks again

“Now if we could only add rules for the phone”.

Actually, you can. On Android it’s called the spam call filter.