I am getting this ERROR message and my emails are not downloading to my em-client


I am getting this ERROR message all the time now — something about synchronizing a folder???
And my emails are not downloading to my em-client, so I can’t see them/get to them!

This is happening all the time now, even a few times a day, I just cant seem to get to my emails these days or use my em-client anymore, its ridiculous!!!

How can I resolve this for good, ASAP???

Please advise asap.



Are you using the most current version of eMC?

Find current v8 and v9 here

Hey there,

No…I am using version 7.0 - which I like the best.
When I tried to upgrade to the latest version, I actually had MORE trouble wit it, I received the same errors and even more errors, couldn’t do anything and just went back to version 7.0.

I don’t like the new version, especially its design…I want to stay with version 7.0.

Please LMK how I can resolve this.



I do not believe you have a choice if you wish to keep using eMC.
I am pretty sure someone from eMC will jump in here and respond.

Yes that error Contacts API depreciated is the old Google way they did it, and since Google updated, you had to normally just remove and re-add your Google account in eM Client to match.

If you have already tried removing and re-adding your Google account via the automatic email wizard with OAuth in eM Client V7 and still the same error, then you more than likely will need to as @sunriseal advised upgrade to V8 or V9 which have all the latest features and support for all the latest Google & other new mail servers.

Note:- If you do upgrade to try again, make sure you backup first via “Menu / File / Backup” in eM Client V7 incase of any issues.

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I see…ok…well, can you instruct me as to how I can do the – emoving and re-adding my Google account via the automatic email wizard with OAuth in eM Client V7???

I will try to that and see if that helps.




can you instruct me as to how I can do the – emoving and re-adding my Google account via the automatic email wizard with OAuth in eM Client V7

I haven’t used eM Client V7 for years and don’t know if it even still supports the new Google OAuth, but if it does follow the below V8 & V9 support documentation for setting up Google Workspace accounts now for home and business.

So first thing, go to “Menu / Accounts” or might have been “Menu / Tools / Accounts” in V7 and highlight your current Google account and remove it. Then follow the below document. Remember as I said above to backup eM Client first via “Menu / File / Backup”

“eM Client with Google Workspace”


Make sure near the the end of the email automatic wizard that you “click Allow” in your browser which will normally popup automatically to authorise eM Client to access your Google account.

If the browser doesn’t automatically appear near the end of the wizard, look down on your task bar flashing as it’s probably just opened in the background and not coming forward. If you still don’t see the browser appear near the end of the wizard, then change your default browser and then change it back after completing the email wizard

Thank you so much for your help – I really appreciate that!


You may have missed it, but this is the email we sent out to all version 7 users early last year:

Dear user,
As of June 15th, 2021, Google will phase out the Google Contacts API and replace it with the People API, which is not supported by older versions of eM Client.
Since you’re still using an older version of eM Client which doesn’t support the new People API, you need to upgrade to eM Client’s version 8.2 in order to keep synchronizing your Google Contacts.
If you do not wish to upgrade, but you need your Google Contacts, you can work around this situation by copying the contacts to Local Folders and switch off the Google Contacts service.
Also, the Translator API v.2 featured in older versions of eM Client is no longer supported after May 24th, 2021. If you wish to use the instant translation of emails feature further, you need to upgrade your eM Client as well.

What that means now is you need to upgrade to version 9, or disable syncing your Google Contacts.
To disable the contacts, first copy the contacts to Local Folders, then go to Menu > Accounts and click on the General tab for this account. Scroll down to Services and untick Google Contacts.

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