I am a new user to EM and just upgraded my laptop to win 10. Want to add eM to laptop. HOW?

I am a new user to EM and just upgraded my laptop to win 10. I currently have eM on my desktop and love it. I now wish to add that account to the mail tab on my laptop. What steps do I take to do that?

Simply download and install latest version of eM Client. You will need a separate license for the new installation. Also, to most simply synchronize your email account between the two computers and your email server, you will need to use the IMAP protocol on both computers.

Please keep in mind that if you do have a Pro license, you can only install emClient on a single machine.

I guess even a Free license is only able to run on just one PC. Of course you can always register for another free license (when using a different e-mail for registration, don’t know this for sure, though) or order a second copy of a Pro license.



What Norman and Mike said is true. Another way to synchronize, including local folders on your desktop is to create a copy of your database, by default located in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming, you will need to enable “show hidden folders” to see AppData. Then simply move the copy to your laptop and paste the entire “eM Client” file into the same directory.

Hope that helps.