huge mail data.dat file - how to deal with it?

Help! my mail_data.dat file is 21g!! How to compact it down OR maybe just start again??

If you use IMAP protocol and all your data are saved on he server you can delete the database and set your accounts again. Before doing this please make sure you do not have any data saved locally to avoid data loss.

I have NO desire to use imap, the one thing I love doing is downloading my email. After purchasing this today after having give it a trial run, this is going to be an annoyance, since I have years and years worth of email stored that will be imported into emClient. It makes me wonder why you don’t try a different storage facility.  Even Thunderbirds works well for me in that each folder holds it’s own database of emails with a 3.5gig filesize limit.  I receive many attachments in email, and I choose to keep those emails as a way to archive. After dealing with hard drive crashes, and bad cd backups, it’s nice to be able to come back to email to resave those files in other parts of my pc. I will easily pass 21g, as my thunderbird folder altogether takes up several 100gigs of storage. It makes me think I should keep my tb storage, and export mail to it when em client becomes to large. A large database is only going to make the software open more slowly and the various folders. If the database doesn’t have to be opened until called for, it saves time when not only opening the software, but not opening folders that you aren’t currently using. 

I know this just from running a database driven website, so, keeping a smooth running database, and a quick running database is an important part of having a quick site that opens easily and fast. The same should go with email client software, and I shouldn’t be forced to use imap, because you deem it faster for me to store my stuff on a server that I don’t necessarily trust, can be easily hacked, and or shut down via business closure, or service shutdowns.

I guess what I’ll do instead is keep my emails that receive attachments in thunderbird and just use em Client as a software client for basic emails, thus I’ll keep the database small in em Client and thunderbird can remain set up as it currently is.

I hope you will reconsider this storage option, I am pretty sure I’m not the only person who likes downloading their email and I really believe a better storage option should be considered for the future.

Since I wrote this I’ve also experienced the time it takes when emClient crashes for the database to check for corruption. This is very annoying, is their really no better solution?