"http://calendarserver.org/ns/" ?


I am using CalDAV, connecting to “web4all.fr” service provider.
So, Why do I find this reference to calendarserver.org/ns/ in my log ?
I get it in CalDAV log each time I get an error message while typing a recipient adress

13:00:03.044|019|   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>brohttp://calendarserver.org/ns/"; />brohttp://calendarserver.org/ns/"; />brohttp://calendarserver.org/ns/"; />brohttp://calendarserver.org/ns/"; />

Thank you for your answer


Hi again Patrice,
please see my answer another topic you’ve posted to, if you want you can include your reply here on this topic, as the issue is related to a different mail service.

Thank you,