HTML messages don't word wrap

Hey all. I looked for this issue online and here in the forum and couldn’t find anything. Checking to see if this is a systemic thing or just me.

Sometimes when an email is formatted as HTML, eM Client does not word wrap. If I look at the email on Gmail, it looks fine.

Anyone else having this issue?

Keywords: HTML, wordwrap, word-wrap


If there is no paragraph formatting, we will wrap the text to fit the reading pane where you are viewing the message. But if the sender has explicitly specified formatting, we display it as they intended.

You can open the message in its own window by double-clicking on it in the message list, then maximizing the window and see if that works for you.

Thanks, Gary. Based on that, this is probably a quirk with how the sender formatted the email.

Opening in a separate window did not get me word wrap. However, when i changed the message format to plain text, it did word wrap…but I lost all the images and formatting.

I would suggest a feature in eM Client that handled this at least as well as gmail, which didn’t seem to have a problem word wrapping the text.

Thanks again!