HTML email reading times ?

When i receive HTML emails they show then flash off and a loading indicator comes on and then it will display the email again, this can take a second for a simple email to many seconds for a more complex advert type email. Is there something i have set wrong or is it like this for everyone ?

Are you using IMAP or POP3? IMAP e-mail account tend to do this if you read e-mail while its still busy syncing. Only when eM complete sync everything, eM will not do that.

POP3 from gmail, does it on another pc with a different account exactly the same too.

Can you please send some of the problematic emails to [email protected] ?

Sent, thanks

Gabriel Staron have you received my emails ?

No, I didn’t receive them. Send them again.

is that your correct email above ? i have sent 2 lots already but will send a 3rd right now

Yes, [email protected] is good. You can also use [email protected]. What email address did you send your mails from (or what subjects)?

[email protected]

email subject Fwd: re forum post HTML email reading times ?

I am sorry, our server deleted your messages because they were considered as spams (with high spam-ranking). Please, send them zipped/packed somehow.

i have sent another rar’d just now

It is displayed normally (quickly) at my environment. Try to upgrade your Internet Explorer. You can also send me another problematic emails.

? i have the latest ie but use chrome 99% of the time

so your saying there was no delay ie the circle in the middle loading the page ? this wasn’t a really bad one but still took a couple of seconds

i have sent you another which is quite bad

It was displayed quickly at both my Windows systems (Windows 7 and XP). We use Internet Explorer for displaying of contents of emails. Try to reinstall it.
Or you can send us video of your problem (we recommend the software from

everything is up to date

emclient has done this since i started using it a few versions ago on xp and win 7 on 3 of my pc’s and other peoples i have used it for too

i have sent you a video

We are sorry, we use Internet Explorer for displaying contents of messages and in these cases it sends message to us that it is not already read and we need to wait. We plan to workaround this issue but I am afraid in the more distant future.

but it does it everytime i select the message not just the first time it is read ?