HTML content

eM client 7.0.2

Several client applications have  “like to release HTML content” screen option, your app apparently does not. So how can I get eM to behave with HTML content I like eM but this is very frustrating, not to have it behave similar to outlook web and or my previous client LIVE MAIL that went end of life, MS only supports 10 and the embedded client so their is a large market to be had - ?? Do I need to UPGRADE to the paid client to fix the HTML view of my email.

ALSO sometimes eM does not display the email content, unless I perform a forward and or reply were it becomes visible.

* I posted to an open topic, but no one responded, (this is my repost)  – IF YOU have a FIX for this message thread should be updated to let people know it looks like its still  open with out a resolution.

I don’t have an answer for you Jim, but are you referring to HTML images within the body of the email text or as HTML attachments?

I’ve recently changed over from Windows Live Mail to eM Client - starting with the free edition and paying for the Pro version after 30 days to get support. Some vendors I deal with send receipts as HTML attachments. These display OK with WLM, but with eM Client they arrive as a load of random characters within the body of the text.  I have raised a ticket on this problem with eM Client Support, but they haven’t come up with a solution yet.

One other problem I came across you should be aware of, is that on my installation the Temp files created by eM Client are not being wiped out after it has finished creating a zip back-up. According to eM client, they should be. (I’ve also raised a ticket on this problem). I only found out when by C: drive 250GB SSD was nearly running out of space!  The said files are in the Temp folder under User/Appdata/local.

Images within the email not an attachment.

On that front Jim, mine all come up OK. (I’m using version 7)

I just uninstalled and reinstalled - same problem something is crashed I will uninstall and THEN delete the program file location to see if that with fix this problem,