HTM attachment instead of a message

I am constantly receiving mails from one sender, when there is no body of a message, just HTM attachment, which contains the message (when I open the attachment). But when the oryginal message contains attachments itself, I am not able to access them, because all I see in EM client is HTM attachment with the message.

When I save this message as EML file and open it in several other mail client, everything is fine: full message text and the oryginal attachment. I can send this EML file to be tested.

I am using last available EM client, 6.0.10234.0

Hi, can you please make a screenshot of the issue or possibly send me the message as attachment to
Right click the message and select Forward > As attachment and send it to my email with a reference link to this forum topic.

Thank you,

I get the same issue. It always happens when the sender is using an apple email product (imail)and it cuts off all the text after the first image inserted into the body of the email. the text below is then attached as a .htm file. see image below. i can email iit to you if that helps. My account that is receiving it is a googlemail enterprise account. if i open the email in gmail chrome browser then format is fine.

Hello Piers, this is unfortunately caused by Apple Mail parsing the message incorrectly, unfortunately it is currently not possible for us to workaround this corrupt behavior, however we’re still looking into ways how to resolve the incorrect display of the message in future releases of eM Client.