HOWTO: Read via Exchange and forward via POP3

Using current free version of eM. Have two accounts set up. First is exchange and the second is a POP3. Using RULES, I want to parse certain emails received via Exchange and then resend them out to a specified address using the POP3 as a forward.  The rule to identify the desired message works. But I am unable to get the “sending” rule to work automatically. What am I missing ?  Is this a feature that requires the paid version ?

Unfortunately it is currently not possible to automatically forward a message using another account by a rule in eM Client.

I haven’t tried this, but this might work…

Have a rule that when you receive the email in the Exchange account that it places a copy of that email in the Inbox of the POP3 account. Then have a second rule for the POP3 account that when you receive an email with the same criteria for the Exchange account it will perform a forward.

Not sure if the first rule placing a copy of the email in the Inbox of the POP3 account will trigger the “Receiving” criteria or not.

If that doesn’t work, you can have the a rule for the Exchange account where it forwards the email to your POP3 account and then the POP3 account woudl have a rule that forwards it where you want it. You could also add into the rule to delete the email from one and/or both accounts after the rule is processed so that you don’t have duplicate emails floating around.

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That’s what I was doing and it does not work.

Which one were you doing?

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First rule
Second rule can’t work as it uses the exchange account to forward (disallowed)

I think you are misunderstanding me. You have one rule for the Exchange server that forwards the associated email to your own POP3 account. You then have a second rule for the POP3 account that forwards the email where you want it to go. You are not then forwarding the email on the Exchange account via the POP3 account.

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Exchange policy prohibits forwarding from within account. So, using eM Client. First email account is exchange in a read only mode. First rule identifies target emails, rule then copies message to inbox of second email account. Second rule is to then forward this email back out using the second account. First rule works. Second rule does not. I am suspecting a limitation within eM Client.

When using the copy method, I don’t think eM Client sees the copies message as being received by the second account hence the reason the second rule doesn’t execute…

As for Exchange policies prohibits forwarding, are you able to access your Exchange account via Web Outlook? As far as I know, eM Client is connecting to Exchange via the web protocol, so anything you can do via Web Outlook, you should be able to do via eM Client, to include replying to emails or forwarding emails.

One of my accounts is an Exchange account and I can do everything via eM Client that I can do at work via Outlook.

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Basic exchange policy is locked down
Does not matter how I access it
Forwarding, even rules creation is locked down within exchange

Absurdly draconian

Hence a third party solution is required

Yeah, I just checked. Performing a copy of an email and moving it into a different account does not trigger the “Received by this account”  function. Once it is copied there though, you can manually run the rule, although that could be a little tedious.

The one thing you could do is to have the emails copied to a subfolder on the POP3 account and then once a day manually execute the rule to forward those emails and then delete them from that subfolder. That way they are not clogging up your Inbox.

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Yup, been doing that
It just seems that there is a flaw in eM Client
The forward command just does not seem to trigger the sending

Thanks for your help !

POP accounts do not synchronize your items with the mail server, e.g. moving an item from an Exchange account to your POP account won’t trigger an incoming message rule as the message has not been processed by the server nor is available on the server.

This may have worked with an IMAP account, but as I originally suggested this is currently not a supported feature of eM Client.

I thank you for the explanation
There would just seem to be a way
The rule moves the message into the second inbox and high lites it as unread. I was hoping this would be enough to trigger or alert the second rule …