Howdy all!

Just joined the forum.  Been reading a bit here and there and like what I’m seeing.  Looks like a bunch of fine people joining together to help each other out.  The makings of a great forum for sure.  

Some history on me.  I am a retired DeVry graduate with a degree in systems development and some decades in the field.   I am a member of a couple of other forums: QNAP NAS, and Win 10 Forum.   I like to help others when I can spare some time.

I run a dual boot system Win 10 Pro and Win7 Pro, each os on their own SSD, with most of the data on a mechanical drive, with backups galore on a QNAP TS-432 NAS with 20 TB of storage using a Neostar MX to create offsite backups.  Boy, do I believe in backups!

Since MS is dropping support of Live Mail, .I went searching for an replacement, found em Client and think it is fantastic. When i find something good, I have no objection to paying some money for it even if it is voluntary!   Good programming work deserves reward.  And there IS really only one reward, $$, right folks? 

So hello to you’s all.  


Hi Allan,

Welcome here and enjoy your retirement!

Hello Allan,
welcome to the forum and thank you for the praise, we hope eM Client will server you well :slight_smile: