How to write to calendars stored in the clould, supporting the CALDAV and WebDAV protocol?

I want to display a calendar, I have placed on some webspace.
This webspace offers calendars to be accessed through

  • CALDAV abonnement, (which is a directory, containing many ics-files for a single calendar)
  • CALDAV account address, (which is a directory, not containing anything visable through https)
  • WebDAV/ICS-abonnement (which is one ics-file)

I tried in the em-Client menu -Menu/Extras/Internet-Kalender abonnieren.
Then I tried all three options. In each trial, after inserting the path (CALDAVabbonement, CALDAV account, WebDAV/ICSabonnement)
I was asked to fill in the name and the password - OK.

The result for both CALDAV addresses, was an error message, that the folder would contain unsupported signs.
The result for WebDAV/ICSabonnement with the same name/password was success in displaying the calendar, but no option to save anything, because of write protection.

So, what would be the correct way, to work with a calendar stored in the clould, supporting the CALDAV and WebDAV protocol?

OK, meanwhile I found something helpful by trying myself.

Surprisingly, the calendars stored in my own cloud need to be subscribed at a completely different place in the menu of em-Client.

While an

  • Internet Kalender …is subscribed in em-client at Menü/Extras/Internet-Kalender-abonnieren and uses the WebDAV format to read the ics-file
  • Your own calendar is subscribed in em-client at Menü/Konten/Konto-hinzufügen/Kalender/CalDAV and uses the CalDAV format