How to write a rule that requires an "AND" condition

Rule would be

  1. It comes from my Email address
  2. AND the subject contains the word Macrium

I tried this but it doesn’t work:


Unfortunately you can’t use the word AND.

The with words found in the header option is an OR argument, and each header needs to be separated by a comma, which would look like this:

Rather you want your Rule to look like this:

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So when you use different Select conditions that becomes an AND condition:

with words found in subject
and from people

for instance?

If you use multiple choices with a Select condition they must be separated by a comma and it becomes an OR condition?

Can it be both?

Can you use multiple selections within a condition and multiple conditions, giving you a OR/AND choice or AND/OR choice?

Correct. You will see the word AND has been added in the preview.

Kind of. You don’t add the comma yourself. So:


will become:


That is an OR condition, so it looks for any of those words anywhere in the body. If you enter:


That will look for a sentence that includes the phrase “first, second, third”.

Unfortunately not. ;-(

You can’t use the same sections more than once, so it is not that useful.

This Rule looks for one OR two OR three in the subject AND four in the body

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Perfect, thank you. That makes it easy to understand.

Oh interesting. So:

Using that example, each line is an “OR” condition against the header?

Yes …